Three weeks in!

Hello internet! Travis here, on day nineteen of the blog! Blogging is something new to me, so thanks for bearing with me as we go through growing pains together. I now know what a widget is!


Why did I start blogging? Well, I find education empowering. As different as every single patient who takes a step into my office is, it amazes me how many similarities there are between their questions and misconceptions on the field of mental health. Hopefully by sharing my understanding, I can help someone out there find some clarity.

To that effect, do any of you have a topic you’re wondering about? Have any questions? Send them my way and I’ll do my best to answer them next week!

Stay tuned for Mental illness exists for a reason (part 3) this weekend! You can read part 1 here and part 2 here!


One thought on “Three weeks in!

  1. We had a very funny and prolific blogger in our ‘circle’. Even blogging gets cliquey… She was a family practitioner in the USA who got so overwhelmed by her popularity/followers that eventually she just stopped and disappeared. We all miss her so much. I am really enjoying your posts so make sure you keep the work/blogging balance. Happy Weekend!
    PS Sorry, I sound like your mother…👵


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